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Wow & Flute @ Honey Concept

Wow & Flute live @ Honey Concept (La Carpa de Sant Cugat)18/04/2011
Next Wow & Flute set 06/05/2011

The best party La Carpa has to offer is back this Friday stronger than ever pure showtime!Honey I’m Back Again! Everything‚Äôs ready to offer you the best music in the best atmosphere!
This Friday 9th of September enter a dream, let your shoes caress the skin of our dance floor. Fuse yourself with the best mojito made in La Habana or a glass of MUMM Champagne, disconnect your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and connect with the music of the best DJs on the national and international scene. Reinvent new laughs, looks, conversations and the gin & tonic. You’re invited to take pleasure. Welcome back to our parties HONEY!!

Wow & Flute @ Deejay (Official Spanish Dance Magazine)

Entrevista a Wow & Flute, ganadores de un Deejaymag remezclando Dj Chus pres. The Groove Foundation “That Feeling”. Objetivos, logros y curiosidades de esta pareja de productores y Djs Barceloneses.

Wow & Flute @ 2D Dosdé Music Club Sitges

Wow & Flute live @ 2D Dosdé Music Club Sitges (Thursday 21/04/2011)